About BYSD

Mission Statement

We are partners with all other Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe Departments in taking the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ for the Salvation of the whole person who can interact with the whole universe to bring Glory to the Creator.

Historical Overview

The Baptist Convention of Zimbabwe Youth Student Department has its beginnings in the year 1964 just after the inception of theBaptist Convention of Zimbabwe (1963). Names to be mentioned with its cherished beginnings include Jimmy Walker, Rev Chamunorwa Henry Chiromo (1982-1988) as the department’s first director, Rev R Uriga (1988-1989) as the second Director followed by rev Laison Phillip (1990-1995) followed by Rev Talkmore Kutakwananzi (1996-2002) as the forth director in history, Rev Phillip Mudzidzi (2003-2010) as the fifth BYSD Director. Pastor Lackson Chiombera is the current Youth Director since January 2012.

Our Main Focus

We are there to seek to facilitate a total experience with Jesus and to relate youth students in local churches where they are to participate as full members of today’s church.

Core Values

  • Reach
  • Train
  • Disciple
  • Truth
  • Trust
  • Co-operation

Goals and Objectives

As a department we endeavor to help youth student to:

  1. Have a personal salvation experience
  2. Be living witnesses of the Living Jesus Christ
  3. Make informed decisions to HIV/AIDS prevention and intentional and purposeful care for people living with AIDS (PLWA)
  4. Get married through accepted ways – encourage weddings
  5. Equip youth students for leaderships roles in the church and society
  6. Start Baptist Student Fellowships in Colleges and Universities
  7. Pray as individuals and also as groups
  8. Be responsible in the use of spiritual gifts and talents
  9. Be faithful stewards of all resources
  10. Discover and celebrate their identity in Christ
  11. Support the Lord’s work
  12. Love and respect their leaders, pastor, parents, themselves and all of the Lord’s Creation.